Karatedo, also known as Sport Karate, Japanese Karate, Traditional Karate or Modern Karate is a Sport. They are meant for improving the character of a person by challenging an individual with personal goals such as grading for a belt, learning something new or entering a competition etc.

Karatedo is not an ancient Martial Art, it is a sport recognised in Japan in early 1900s, however its origins and roots go back much further. Prior to this time Martial Arts were banned in Japan, Karate men for Okinawa introduced the art into mainland Japan. The Japanese wanted it to be introduced into the school system to build the strength and character in their young men. At first it was not accepted, but once Karate adopted a uniform to wear and the belt/grading system from Judo, it was accepted and started to spread into the education system.


Karate Techniques were modified to create a safer environment for students, more enforces was placed on the performance of Kata to make it easier to teach to the masses. There were also many practices especially the grappling elements of throwing, locking and strangling taken out, as well as the striking moves that were to dangerous to teach to the younger students.


Karatedo translates as the ‘way of the empty hand’ but originally was called Karate Jutsu meaning ‘Chinese hand techniques’ the change in named reflected the introduction into Japan. The roots of Karate lie in countries such as China, Indian and the Thailand etc.

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