The Academy has achieved Gold Award status through the St Helens Sports Council.
To achieve this status we had to present an extensive folder of our policies and procedures; including child protection, risk assessments and instructor roles etc. A full qualifying list can be viewed below: Dates; Bronze Award – May 2005, Silver Award – November 2005,Gold Award – January 2006

This award is also recognised by Sport England Club Mark. However we must wait for the English Karate Federation ( EKF ) to be recognised by Sport England. This is due to the fact that not every Karate Club and Karate Association in England is a member of this Organisation. Unfortunately, this means we are in limbo for this award.

Qualifying list

Instructor profiles, CRB disclosure forms, Sports Coach UK – Good Practice and Child Protection, Sports Leader Awards – BST Level 1, Sport England Running Sport workshop – A club for all, Active Communities – TOPs training course, Governing Body Instructor/coaching award, First Aid, Instructor roles, Annual development plans, Identified roles and role allocation, Insurance policies, Health and Safety Policy, Risk Assessment forms, Code of conduct for Coaches and Volunteers, Code of conduct for Parents/Guardians, Junior Club Rules, Club Management Communication with Parents and Carers, Volunteer Co-ordinator Identification / Job Role, Volunteer Opportunities, Junior Team Manager, Head Junior Coach, Child Protection Policy, Junior Coordinator, Assistant Junior Coach, Welfare Officer, Coach to KarateKa Teaching Ratio, Constitution, Emergency Procedure for dealing with serious injury, Advice for Child and Adults with Head injuries, First Aid Box and check List, Incident/Accident report form

Club Ettiquette

  • Acknowledgment and Seniority; Physical – with the bow, Verbal – with saying ‘ouse’, Junior Grades have no seniority
  • Bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
  • When entering the Dojo you must obey the etiquette of respect to all fellow members i.e. courteous and caring at all times.
  • Ranked and nominated Instructors roles as the words describe; to instruct. Students should follow the instruction without descent.
  • Adult members whether of Dan Grade or Kyu grade must be regarded with the up most respect and loyalty from Junior members of the club.
  • It is the duty of the adult members to be protective and supportive to all younger members returning respect and loyalty.
  • A successful Club is based on the success of its students, students must be loyal to the North West Karate Academy and view their training as a challenge, never a problem.
  • Parents are allowed/encouraged to watch lessons but they must not interfere with the teaching process
  • Students are not allowed to distract each other with inappropriate conversation during the course of the lesson. All students should be positive to each others progress and never demean with intent.
  • Any Disagreements between students which may disrupt each others progress should be mediated ultimately by the Clubs Chief Instructor. Students are encouraged to reconcile immediately for the greater good of the Club and its fellow members even to the point of agreeing to disagree.
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