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The Academy teaches an engaging Kata syllabus. Kata is performed without a partner however adults will also learn the practical applications.


Children follow the WKF point sparring rules which is safe for all ages to practice. Adults practice a modified version to cover stand up, clinch and ground fighting


There are hundreds of techniques to train and perfect. Pad Work will improve alignment, power, fitness and conditioning.


Adults at the Academy learn a progressive grappling syllabus which gives firm basics in clinching, takedowns and ground work.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Simply come along to see us on a club night and ask to see the Instructor. He will be happy to talk to you and you can watch a training session or join in.

A. Within our Academy, we have members of both sexes from the ages of four to over sixty years.

A. For your first few lessons, all you need is some loose fitting clothing such as a track suit, shorts and a t-shirt.

A. All classes are strictly controlled to minimize the risk of injury. There is no more risk practicing this art than playing many other sports such as football or hockey.

A. If you are in good health, it should be possible to learn. If you have any disabilities and are unsure, then check with the Instructor and your Doctor. Whether you regard yourself as fit or not, the classes are structured towards enjoyable learning at an easy pace giving progressive fitness development.

The NWKAs parent association is the ‘Karate Do Federation’ who are inturn members of the governing body for Karate the ‘English Karate Federation’.

The ‘English Karate Federation’ are members of the ‘World Karate Federation’ who are the recognised world governing body for Karate through the ‘International Olympic Committee’

The First NWKA club was established in 1972
Anko Itosu 1830 – 1915 (founder of Shorin Ryu)
Kenwa Mabuni 1889 – 1952 (Shito Ryu)
Chojiri Tani – Founder of Shukokai
Shukokai Karate Union (SKU) Est in 1969 – NWKA members 1984 – 2001
Amateur Martial Association (AMA) NWKA members 2001 – 2007
Karate Do International (KDI) NWKA members 2007 – 2008
Karate Do Federation Established in 2009 – NWKA founder members

More Information

Karate History

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the history of Martial Arts, it's not just the general public that can get confused.

Policies and Procedures

A brief overview of our active policies and procedures. For example: Child Protection. Health and Safety

We are members of the English Karate Federation

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