Kumite is the sparring aspect of Sport Karate and Reality Based Combat where you can pressure test your techniques.

It can be roughly translated to mean “grappling hands” or “meeting of hands”.

Today, Kumite has evolved into a challenging competitive semi contact sport that is safe for children and great fun for all ages.

However at NWKA we have several forms of Kumite that include different objectives around self defence and sport in standing, clinch and ground positions.


Sport Kumite

Both Adults and Children train in Sport Karate. The Children’s Kumite syllabus is mostly geared towards this form of Kumite.

The point structure for Sports Karate is as follows: 

These are the current WKF rules (World Karate Federation) that we follow and they represent Olympic Karate.

Kumite Jutsu

Historically, the art in Okinawa included techniques with the fist, foot, shin, knee, elbow and head alongside grappling, throwing, joint locking and strangulation.

Training for Adult classes cover all aspects of Kumite. For safety, contact is kept light.