NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS CLUB UPDATE: This Friday training starts at St Peters School, Birley Street in Newton Le Willows WA12 9UR. This is until the refurbishment of Selwyn Jones Sports Centre is completed. Training days and times are the same


The North West Karate Academy are members of the English Karate Federation (EKF) the only governing body that is recognised by the World Karate Federation (WKF). All instructors are qualified, insured and CRB checked and we are recognized nationally and by Local District Councils (Gold Award).beth 200Children and Adults are taught separately and we always welcome parents to watch. The syllabus is based around a mixture of Sport Karate and Reality Based Karate including the arts of Kata, Kumite, Pad Work, Tegumi and Karate Jutsu covering all ranges of combat (Stand up, Clinch and Ground). Whether you are 4 years old or 60 years old, there is something to gain from this Martial Art and Sport. Our attention is spent on fulfilling what your needs are for Karate including self-defence, studying an art form, fitness and competitions. The Academy has won thousands of medals from grass roots level to International level and has produced official British and all England champions in both Kata and Kumite disciplines in team and individual events. Students/instructors have also represented the official England Karate Team at Commonwealth, European and World Championships level. However, there is no pressure to compete as only a handful of students do this. The Academy has also produced hundreds of Dan grades (black belts). We have students with disabilities in the clubs so please contact us if you are unsure.

Children’s Karate

Coby & Olivia 200Children’s Karate is based on Sport Karate. In the sessions, children will learn new skills which will develop their co-ordination, balance, concentration and confidence. They will meet new friends in a safe and secure environment and feel a true sense of achievement with progression through the belt grading system. Our aim is to develop a positive attitude toward health and fitness, a respect for others and self esteem. Parents are able and encouraged to watch their child in a transparent teaching environment.

Adult Karate

Graham 200Adult Karate sessions are based on a mixture of Sport Karate, Fitness and Reality Based Karate. The arts that cover this are; Kumite which is mainly a striking based discipline and we use supplementary training with Pad Work, the solo practice of Kata, which function is explained through the practical self defence of Karate Jutsu and finally we have Tegumi, Okinawa’s original art of clinching and wrestling. All drills are practiced safely and will teach you functional spontaneous self defence. Classes cater for new students that have no experience at all.

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