5th January 2021 Update

Hi all

As you will be aware, a National Lockdown was imposed yesterday. Therefore, we are back to Online Classes.

You can train on any day, please take the number of classes equal to the amount your usual monthly membership allows for.

Zoom Class Timetable

2 Instructors at each Karate class

🥋 Tuesdays
6pm Children
7pm all Adults and Children’s brown belts

🥋 Wednesdays
7pm Circuit (all ages) *Free Class to all including Household Members

🥋 Thursdays
6pm Children
7pm all Adults and Children’s brown belts

🥋 Fridays
7pm Kettlebells (Adult members only)

🥋 Saturdays
10am Children
11am all Adults and Children’s brown belts

🥋 Sundays
2pm (onwards) Gradings by prior arrangement
Students must be continuing their training

Stay strong and stay active

Steve, Luke and Zach

Childrens Karate

Children's Karate

In the sessions, children will learn new skills which will develop their co-ordination, balance, concentration and confidence. They will meet new friends in a safe and secure environment and feel a true sense of achievement with progression through the belt grading system. Our aim is to develop a positive attitude toward health, fitness, a respect for others and self esteem. Parents are able and encouraged to watch their child in a transparent teaching environment.​

Adult Karate

Adult Karate

Adult Karate sessions are based on a mixture of Sport Karate, Fitness and Reality Based Karate. Striking training is supplemented with Pad Work. Grappling training is practiced through Tegumi, Okinawa's original art of clinching and wrestling. The function of Kata is explained through practical Kumite drills and Sparring. All drills and sparring are practiced safely and will teach you functional spontaneous self defence. Classes cater for new students that have no experience at all.

The Academy has produced hundreds of Dan Grades and Children's Black Belts

The Academy has produced official National and International medalists

We welcome parents to watch their children's progress

All Instructors are qualified, insured and DBS checked

We are recognised nationally and by Local District Councils (Gold Award)

Students/Instructors have represented the Official England Karate Team