Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you teach?

Within our Academy, we welcome members of all ages and genders, starting from five years old.


What do I need to bring to the class?

For your initial sessions, all you need is some loose-fitting clothing like a tracksuit bottoms or shorts, and a t-shirt. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with a sports cap.


Will I get injured?

All classes are strictly controlled to minimise the risk of injury. There is no more risk in practicing this Martial Art than in playing many other Sports such as Football or Hockey.


Am I fit enough to learn?

If you are in good health, it should be possible to learn. If you have any disabilities and are unsure, please check with the Instructor and your Doctor. Regardless of your fitness level, our classes are designed for enjoyable learning at a manageable pace, promoting progressive fitness development.


Do you provide private tuition?

Yes, we offer private tuition before and after all regular karate classes:

  • 1-hour private lesson: £35
  • 30-minute private lesson: £20


What style of Karate do you teach?

At the North West Karate Academy, we take pride in embracing the true essence of Karate, unburdened by rigid ‘styles’ that have emerged in modern practice. The founders of Karate never intended it to be compartmentalised into styles; rather, they serve as instructional approaches within the broader framework of Karate. We offer a fusion of Reality Based Combat and Sport Karate, tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of this martial art. While our Katas draw inspiration from the Shito-ryu/Shukokai lineage, our striking and grappling techniques transcend the limitations imposed by conventional styles. As a forward-thinking Karate club, we continually refine and evolve our teaching methodologies to best serve our students. Our focus is on equipping individuals with a versatile skill set, rooted in the authentic spirit of Karate.


Do lessons run all year round?

During School Holidays, we run Karate and Activity Sessions open to all our Junior members. Lessons run throughout the year, with the only exceptions being:

  • 2 weeks over the Christmas period
  • Bank Holiday Mondays
  • Four days, usually over Easter (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday)
  • Usually, the late August Bank Holiday weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)


Does the Academy compete?

We complete both internally (within the club) and externally (against other clubs/regions, etc). Only a handful of students choose to compete at open events. It is not required to compete at all.


Who is the NWKA affiliated with?

The NWKA’s parent association is the ‘Karate Do Federation,’ who are in turn members of the governing body for Karate, the ‘English Karate Federation.’ The ‘English Karate Federation’ is a member of the ‘World Karate Federation,’ which is the recognised world governing body for Karate by the ‘International Olympic Committee.’


What are the Academy’s origins?

The first Newton Karate Club was established in 1972. Here’s a brief history:

  • Anko Itosu 1830 – 1915 (founder of Shorin Ryu)
  • Kenwa Mabuni 1889 – 1952 (Shito Ryu)
  • Chojiri Tani – Founder of Shukokai
  • Shukokai Karate Union (SKU) Est in 1969 – NWKA members 1984 – 2001
  • Amateur Martial Association (AMA) NWKA members 2001 – 2007
  • Karate Do International (KDI) NWKA members 2007 – 2008
  • Karate Do Federation Established in 2009 – NWKA founder members


Feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule your first class. We’re here to support you on your Karate journey.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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