Student of the Year 2001



Congratulations to Cadet Student of the year Lauren Middlehurst and Special club award winner Alex Hodge

Congratulations to adult student of the year Carl Massey voted by the adult members of the club. A special award of swords was presented to Carl as a special thank you from myself and all the Mums and Dads for his outstanding contributions to students of NWKA.

Dan Gradings 2001


Carl Massey – 2nd Dan

Luke Scott – 2nd Dan

Both Carl and Luke got the top score in there groups

Paul Charlton – 1st Dan

Rachel Anders – 1st Dan

Lauren Middlehurst – 1st Dan

Adam Macalwaine – 1st Dan

Also Congratulations to Steve Nelson in achieving 4th Dan, he gives his thanks to the club

NWKA Club Kata Tournament 2001


Natalie Salters, Alex Hodge, Luke Scott, Nick Johnson, Sophie Johnson, Megan Evans, Lewis Hale

Joshua Lee, Craig McGowen, James Windows, Amy Cook, Lauren Middlehurst, Gus Johnston, Zach Scott, Heather Hughes

SKU Premier Championships 2001


Amy White – Bronze Kumite Ind

Carl Massey – Bronze Senior Kata Ind

Rachel Anders – Silver Kumite Ind, Bronze Kata Team

Nicole Halsall – Silver Kata Ind, Bronze Kata Ind, Bronze Kata Team

Sophie Johnson – Gold Kumite Ind

Michelle Alderson – Gold Kumite Team, Bronze Kata Ind

Lauren Middlehurst – Gold Kata Ind, Bronze Kumite Ind, Bronze Kata Team

Becky Hylands – Gold Kumite Team, Silver Kumite Ind

John Molyneux – Gold Kumite Ind, Gold Kata Ind

Becky Hollis – Gold Kata Ind, Gold Kumite Ind, Gold Kumite Team, Competitor Of The Day Award

SKU British Club Championships 2001

Lauren Middlehurst – Gold Kumite ind, Gold Kumite Team

John Molyneux – Gold Kata Ind, Rebecca Hylands, Gold Kumite ind, Bronze kumite team

Sophie Johnson – Gold Kumite Ind, Gold Kata Team

Rebecca Hollis – Silver Kata Ind, Bronze Kumite Team

Rachel Anders – Silver Kumite Ind, Gold Kumite Team

Nicole Halsall – Bronze Kumite Ind, Gold Kumite Team

Natalie Charlton – Bronze Kumite Ind, Amy White, Bronze Kumite Team

Amy Cook – Bronze Kumite ind, Gold Kata Team

Amy Taylor – Gold Kata Team, Michelle Alderson, Bronze Kumite Team

Stuart Norman – Gold Kata Team, Bronze Open kata team

Sue Cook – Gold Kata Team, Bronze Open Kata Team

Anthony Sykes – Gold Kata Team, Bronze Open Kata Team

English Karate National Junior Championships 2001


Lauren Middlehurst – All England Silver medallist Kata

Nicole Halsall – 4th Place Kata

SKU National Championships 2001


Andy Woods – Silver kumite ind, Competitor of the day award

Carl Massey – Gold kumite ind

Sophie Johnson – Gold kata ind, Gold kata team, Gold kumite ind

Sue Cook – Gold kata ind, Gold kata team

John Molyneux – Silver kata ind, Silver kata ind

Becky Hollis – Bronze kata ind, Gold kumite ind

Luke Scott – Bronze kata ind

Lauren Middlehurst – Silver kata team, Bronze kumite team

Amy Taylor – Gold kumite ind. Gold kata team

Natasha Hoyle – Bronze kumite ind

Amy Vallet – Silver kumite ind

Jenny Vallet – Bronze kumite ind

Nicole Halsall – Silver kumite team, Silver kata team

Rachael Anders – Silver kata team, Bronze kumite ind

Amy Cook – Gold kata team

Craig McGowan – Bronze kumite ind

Bradley Swift – Bronze kata ind

Stuart Norman – Silver kumite team, Silver kata team

Chris Lyne – Silver team kumite, Silver kata team

Gareth Thomas – Silver team kata

James Duff – Silver Kumite team