Dan Gradings 2013

Paul Dixon 1st Dan Adult

Rebecca Retford 1st Dan Adult

Taylor Greenough 1st Dan Junior Cadet

Jack Oxley 1st Dan Junior Cadet

Scott Bull 1st Dan Junior Cadet

Ben Pinder 1st Dan Junior Cadet

Lauren McGrath 1st Dan Junior Cadet

NWKA Club Kata Tournament 2013

Girls Orange Belt 7 – 11 years

1st Grace keeley 2nd Holly Lawson 3rd Georgia Leatherbarrow

Girls Black Belt

1st Beth Scott 2nd Rachel Traverse 3rd Rebecca Duff

Boys and Girls Yellow belt 9 – 11 years

1st Adam Curtis 2nd Chloe Whitehead 3rd Tia Leatherbarrow

Boys Orange Belt 6 – 9 years

1st Ted Arnaud 2nd Patrick Dastey 3rd Nerojan Karithanan

Boys and Girls Yellow Belt 6 – 8 years

1st Harry Tooley 2nd Lily Nixon 3rd Charlotte Harris

Boys Black Belt

1st Matthew Ayres 2nd Daniel Prior 3rd Joe Beswick

Girls Brown Belt 10 – 13 years

1st Taylor Greenough 2nd Lauren McGrath 3rd Nyema Williams

Boys Brown Belt 8 – 10 years

1st Ben Pinder 2nd Thomas Prior 3rd Joshua Broomhead

Boys Blue and Purple Belt 7 – 10 years

1st Sean Johnson 2nd Kieran Shaw 3rd William Jones

Boys and Girls Purple and Brown Belt 11+ Years

1st Gabrial Bullock 2nd George Harpin 3rd William Lloyd

Boys Green Belt 6 – 9 years

1st Dylan Halton 2nd Jordan Booth 3rd Harry Priede

Girls Green, Blue and Purple Belts 8 – 11 years

1st Fraya Mcloughlin 2nd Stephanie Low 3rd Eva Yates

English Karate National Kyu Grade Championships 2013

A very high level competition for lower grades, the standard was excellent throughout the competition looking like a Black Belt competition in many cases

Taylor Greenough gained Bronze in the girls 5th Kyu – 1st Kyu Under 10s Kumite

Well done to the other Squad members including Ben Pinder, Jack Oxley along with first time competitors Thomas Prior, Dylan Halton, Cameroon Wilson and Shaun Johnson

Childrens Cumbrian Open championships 2013

Ben Pinder, Taylor Greenough, Rachel Traverse participated in kata and kumite. Dylan halton achieved a bronze in lower grade kumite and participated in kata.

English National Championships 2013

The tournament was held over two days. The level of competition was once again at a very high standard indeed.

Day one of the tournament saw all the kata athletes perform as well as the under 14 kumite participants. The junior team kata, comprising of Sam Deakin, Matthew Ayres and Daniel Prior, saw success in their group by gaining a silver from a great performance of kata and bunkai. Rachel Traverse struck gold in her U12 kumite category by defeating all of her opponents on a clean sheet! Ben PInder and Taylor Greenough both participated.

Day two (14 and over kumite): Alex Hodge partcipated in senior -75kg kumite and Zach Scott participated in senior -84kg and open weight.

United Styles Association Open Championships 2013

Rachel Traverse got gold in individual kata and got a silver in kumite. Taylor Greenough got silver in individual kata and bronze in kumite. Alex hodge got bronze in both -75kg kumite and open weight and Zach Scott got gold in -84kg and a silver in the open weight.

Northern Open Classic 2013

Sam Deakin, Daniel Prior, Matt Ayres: Team Kata Gold

Ben Pinder: Kata Bronze

Alex Hodge: Kumite Bronze

Participants: Rachel Traverse, Taylor Greenough, Jack Oxley and Cameron Wilson

British National Championships 2013

Rachel Traverse – kata silver and open weight kumite silver

Zach Scott – open weight kumite bronze. first senior kumite medal at a major tournament.

Participants – Alex Hodge, Taylor Greenough and Ben Pinder

British Karate Association Championships 2013


Sean Johnson: 7 – 9 years old Bronze

Ben Pinder: 10 – 11 years old Bronze

Matthew ayres: 14 – 15 years old Bronze

Dan Prior: 14 – 15 years old Bronze

Dan prior, Matty Ayres pairs: 10 – 15 years old gold


Jack Oxley: 7 – 9 year olds Bronze

Rachel Traverse (With Northern regional team): 12 – 13 years old gold

Jack Oxley, Ben Pinder, Cameron wilson team: 10 – 11 years old bronze

South Yorkshire Open Championships 2013

Taylor Greenough: Kumite Silver

Ben Pinder: Kumite Silver

Zach Scott: Open Weight Kumite Silver

Alex Hodge: kumite Bronze

British International Open 2013

As the last home major of the year, A handful of students went up to Glasgow to compete against all that Britain has to offer as well additional athletes from other countries. Rachel Traverse, Taylor Greenough, Ben Pinder and Zach Scott all participated in this tournament but there was only one result which was with Zach’s Bronze in the U21 heavyweight Kumite category.

Wado Uk South Yorkshire Open 2013

Samantha Anderton: Kata Silver

Rachel Traverse: Kumite Bronze