Student of the year awards 2009

Adult student of the year: May Bateman
Cadet student of the year: Zach Scott

Dan Gradings 2009



Carl Massey – Adult 4th Dan Merit
Zach Scott – Adult 1st Dan Distinction
Jill Charlton – Adult 1st Dan Pass
Matthew Ayres – Senior Cadet 1st Dan Merit
Daniel Prior – Senior Cadet 1st Dan Merit
Rebecca Duff – Junior Cadet 1st Dan Pass

NWKA Club Kata Tournament 2009

The 20th Club tournament had a great response with 99 competitors taking part. All had been working hard on their selected katas. There were lots of categories based on age, grade and sex.

The rounds went smoothly and the children showed great courage. Most were performing for the first time in front of Parents and Grandparents. Everybody showed their appreciation with lots of applause for all the children’s impressive efforts not just their own child.

We made excellent time on the tournament which enabled everyone to relax and enjoy the display by the squad. The squad demonstrated a wide range of disciplines within Karate and especially our Clubs extensive syllabus.

The day finished with all the students receiving their commemorative trophies plus the usual 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies. Also our annual student of the year awards were given. Zach Scott was promoted from Junior to Senior Club Assistant and May Bateman was promoted from Senior Club Assistant to Junior Instructor. Well done to them.

The traditional group photographs took place with all the childrens beaming faces.

You made it happen kids well done

The Results

Girls Black Belt 11/15yrs
1. Becky McLorie 2. Danielle Sawer 3. Samantha Anderton

Boys Brown to Black Belt 13yrs+
1. Zach Scott 2. John Charlton 3. Ben Osborne

White to Yellow Belt 5/6yrs
1. Grace Wilson 2. Sam Hegarty 3. Dylan Ridyard

Boys Yellow to Orange Belt 6yrs
1. Andrew Melrose 2. Maxwell Dixon 3. Ross Bancroft

Girls Yellow to Orange 6-8yrs
1. Niamh Toner 2. Rachel Traverse 3. Rachel Travali

Girls Yellow to Green 8-10yrs
1. Kaitlyn Halsall 2. Rachel Warren 3. Rebecca Stott

Boys Yellow to Green 7-8yrs
1. Jacob Richards 2. Thomas Swindell 3. Alex Fanning

Boys Yellow to Orange 9-11yrs
1. Marc Carey 2. Calum Churchill3. Anas Elfa

Girls Blue to Purple 7-9yrs
1. Emily Retford 2. Helen Osgathorpe 3. Alexandra Middleham

Boys Blue Belts 11-12yrs
1. James McCloskey 2. Reece Jolley 3. Ben Parkinson

Boys Purple to Brown Belt Under 10s
1. Louis Brown 2. Connal Moss 3. Riordan Taylor

Boys Brown Belt 10-12yrs
1. Matthew Aryes 2. Daniel Prior 3. Sam Deakin

Girls Brown Belt 9-11yrs
1. Beth Scott 2. Rebecca Duff 3. Sophie Corless

Christmas Party 2009 – Ben Brown Fundraising Appeal

Fun was had by all at the Christmas Party in honour of Ben Brown. He captured the hearts of all those who attended with his cheeky grin and sharp wit.

A big thank you to all those who supported the evening, braving the bad weather and to all those who donated.

Thank you to all those who gave up their time to bag pack at Sainsbury’s in Culcheth.

Thank you to all those who prepared food for the buffet and helped organise the raffle. Special thanks to the Stocks and Sub Rosa the two bands who gave their support with their talents.

We raised the massive sum of £2000.

The parents and family of Ben wish to thank you for your generosity and support. I think Ben said it all perfectly when he said on stage that it was the best Christmas Party he had ever had.

First Aid Course – Safe in our Hands 2009





A First Aid course was taken at Selwyn Jones Sports Centre for some of our adult members.

We would like to thank St.Helens District Sports Council and the Sports Development Officer Mike Fedyk who enabled the NWKA member take part.

We would also like to thank the Action Training Services who took the course and made it fun and very informative.

At no time was any humans harmed in the making of these pictures.

BKA Open Championships 2009

Leigh Sport Village, Sunday 25th October 2009, 4 Gold, 7 Silver, 5 Bronze

Natalie Charlton, Nicole Halsall and Becky Mclorie – Gold Team Kata
Stephanie Bateman, Sophie Corless, Rebecca Duff – Bronze Team Kata
Natalie Charlton – Gold Senior female Kata
Natalie Charlton – Gold Girls Kumite 16-17 yrs
Matthew Gornall – Gold Kata 10-12yrs
Nicole Halsall – Silver Senior female Kumite
Nicole Halsall – Silver Senior female Kata
Becky Mclorie – Silver Girls Kumite 16-17yrs
Becky Mclorie – Bronze Senior female Kata
Zach Scott – Silver Boys Kata 13-15yrs
Samantha Anderton – Silver Girls Kata 13-15yrs
Isabelle Ashworth – Silver Girls Kumite 9yrs and under
Sam Richards – Silver mixed Kata 10-12yrs 4th kyu and below
Rebecca Duff – Bronze Kata 10-12yrs
Alex Hodge – Bronze Senior Male Kumite
Zi Owen – Bronze Senior Male Kumite 4th kyu and below

Kenyukai Open Championships 2009


The North West Karate Academy took a small squad to compete consisting of 5 junior squad members and 5 ‘A’ squad members.

Jacob and Sam Richards both took bronze in the individual Kata for the juniors.

The A squad members Nicole Halsall, Zach Scott and Natalie Charlton all took gold in their Kumite (fighting) categories, Natalie also gained a silver medal in the Kata and Alex Hodge took bronze in the Kumite.

British Grand Slam 2009


Student of the North West Karate Academy 18 year old Nicole Halsall has taken a team gold in the Grand Slam in Dublin Ireland at the weekend. Nicole who has been training for 10 years is also the current English Karate Federation Kumite (fighting) champion.

Nicole is a member of the official all styles England A Squad and won the selections under the watchful eye of Sensei Wayne Otto OBE himself a multi world champion.

The England Girls team were successful over the home nations Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Nicole’s next challenge is to qualify for the junior Europeans which take place in February. Her proud coach Steve Scott said Nicole has done herself, her family, the Academy and England proud

British National Karate Championships 2009


The squad of 11 North west Karate Academy students set out on the 5th September to the Meadow Bank Stadium in Edinburgh to take part in the official British Karate Federation Championships.

The day started perfect with Luke Scott, Zach Scott and Alex Hodge taking Gold in the team kata with a stunning performance. Making them the current English and British Champions.

Next Natalie Charlton, Nicole Halsall and Becky McLorie in the team Kata who took Gold with an equally brillant display. Natalie was totally focused with a great performance in the individual Kata taking Bronze. She then stayed focuced to take a brilliant and confident Gold in the 16/17 yrs kumite (fighting). Backed up with a gutsy performance in the open kumite with a bronze.

Steve Scott the Northwest Karate Chief Instructor said I’m proud with the attitude and support each student gave to one another on the day and in the build up to the Championships.

Junior and Cadet World Championships 2009


The fourth and final stage for selections for the Junior and Cadet World Championships in Morocco in November 2009

Zach won over his category +70kg 14-15yrs each stage consisted of training under the watchful eye of the England Coach Wayne Otto OBE who holds 9 Senior World Titles

At the end of each training session, there was selection fight offs. Each category was slimmed down on each stage of selections to one individual per category. The stages were held in London and Birmingham

Now selected, there will be continued monthly closed national training sessions for those selected and weekly regional sessions. Zach will continue to compete at regular tournaments throughout the year. in October, there will also be a weeks pre-training.

Zach has been doing Karate for 9 years and trains 6 days a week and is totally dedicated to his sport.

Zach’s Dad and coach Steve Scott said “his hero is Wayne Otto and to be accepted for representation by probably the best Sport Karate Competitor the world has ever seen is all the inspiration Zach needs to train even harder”.

Zach is self funding and is looking for sponsors, those interested in sponsoring please contact [email protected]

UK Kyu Grade Championships 2009


Birchwood leisure centre Sunday 9th August

This was a chance for all young Karatekas under Black belt to show their talents. Instructor Steve Scott said it was the first time some of these up and coming karateka had done an open interclub competiton. The club excelled and they all thoroughly enjoyed the experience

Mark Carey – Gold Yellow to Purple belt under 12yrs boys and girls Kata
Isabelle Ashworth – Silver Yellow to Purple belt under 12yrs boys and girls Kata
Sam Richards – Bronze Yellow to Purple belt under 12yrs boys and girls Kata
Jacob Richards – Bronze Yellow to Purple belt under 12yrs boys and girls Kata
Matthew Gornall – Gold Brown Belts under 12yrs boys and girls Kata
Sophie Corless – silver Brown Belts under 12yrs boys and girls Kata
Rebecca Duff – bronze Brown Belts under 12yrs boys and girls Kata
Sam Richards – Gold Yellow to Purple belt under 15yrs boys Kata
Jacob Richards – silver Yellow to Purple belt under 15yrs boys Kata
Mark Carey – bronze Yellow to Purple belt under 15yrs boys Kata
Beth Scott – Gold Brown Belt under 15yrs Kata
Rebecca Duff – bronze Brown Belt under 15yrs Kata
Matthew Ayres, Sam Deakin, Daniel Prior – Gold Kata Teams 15yrs and under
Beth Scott, Rebecca Duff, Sophie Corless – Silver Kata Teams 15yrs and under
Isabelle Ashworth, Jacob Richards, Sam Richards – Bronze Kata Teams 15yrs and under
Beth Scott – Silver – Girls under 12 yrs Kumite
Isabelle Ashworth – Bronze – Girls under 10yrs Kumite

South Yorkshire Open 2009

2nd August

Silver Junior Team Kata – Sophie Corless, Rebecca Duff, Stephanie Bateman
Silver Senior Team Kata – Nicole Halsall, Zach Scott, Luke Scott
Luke Scott – Silver Mens Senior Open Kumite
Zach Scott – Bronze Boys 14-15yrs Kumite
Nicole Halsall – Bronze Ladies Senior Open Kumite
Mathew Ayres – Bronze 10-12yrs Kata

Central England Championships 2009

13th July

Alex Hodge – Gold Senior Open Weight Kumite
Zach Scott – Silver Cadet 14-15yrs Kumite

English Karate Midlands Regional Open 2009

Held in Dudley Sunday 19th April

Gold Senior team Kata – Luke Scott, Zach Scott, Alex Hodge
Bronze Boys team Kata- Ben Osborne, John Charlton, James Oxley
Bronze Boys Kata 15-17yrs- Zach Scott
Bronze Girls Kata 15-17yrs- Natalie Charlton
Bronze Female senior Kata 16+ – Natalie Charlton
Bronze Female senior Kata 16+ – Nicole Halsall
Bronze Boys Kumite 14-15yrs 70kg+ – Zach Scott
Bronze Senior male 18+ under 60kg –  Paul Charlton
Bronze Senior male 18+ under 75kg- Luke Scott

Northern Open Classic Championships 2009

On Sunday 29th March, the North West Karate Academy sent a small squad to the Northern Open Classic Karate Championships held at Liegh Sports Village.

13 year old Samantha Anderton won gold in the Girls 13-15yrs Open Weight Kumite, despite being one off the Smallest in the category she also claimed Bronze in the Girls 13-15yrs Kata along with team mate Becky Mclorie who took silver in the same event.

Zach Scott took silver in the Boys 13-15yrs Open Weight Kumite and also took a Bronze in the Boys 13-15yrs Kata. Zach, along with Natalie Charlton and Nicole Halsall, have been invited by the England Manager for the 1st stages/preparation trials for the 2009 Junior World Championships in Morocco based on their performance at the English Championships Last Weekend.

Also in the Kumite, Luke Scott took silver in the Mens Open Weight Kumite followed by another silver in the Team Kumite with Fellow Competitors Alex Hodge and Paul Charlton. Paul also backed his medal tally with a Bronze in the Men’s Kata.

Other Kata Winners were Daniel Prior who took bronze in the Mixed 10-12yrs Kata and our boys team constisting of Ben Osborne (13 years old), James Oxley (13 years old) and John Charlton (14 years old) who entered the Open age and gender Team Kata who took silver.

English Karate National Championships 2009




Sheffield’s Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, held the 2009 official English Karate National Championships.

Taking gold, Nicole Halsall led the way with an impressive performance in the Female Junior –55kg under 18yrs Kumite (fighting) category, complemented by her club mate Natalie Charlton who took a spirited bronze in the same category.

A great performance of Kata and Bunkai (application of the moves) by the team of Luke Scott, Alex Hodge and Zach Scott in the Male Senior Team Kata, beating all opposition with a unanimous decision taking all the flags from the referees in the final.

Other Team Kata results were added to the tally when Natalie and Nicole teamed up with Becky Mclorie to take Bronze in the Female Senior Team Kata.

Nicole finished a tiring day with a bronze in the Under 18s Open weight Kumite Category and a bronze in the under 21yrs Kumite. This came about as a promotional climb in selections toward the Junior World Championships.

Zach Scott hadn’t finished with his quest for medals, taking a gusty bronze in the Male Cadet +70kg under 16yrs heavyweight event.

Team Coach Steve Scott said, “This tournament carried a lot of unnecessary problems, which was met with great team sprit and solidarity involving coaches, parents and competitors. I would like to take this opportunity to express a special thank you to all who gave support”