Student of the year 2010

Adult student of the year: Zach Scott
Cadet student of the year: Samantha Anderton, John Charlton

Dan Gradings 2010







Andrew Osborne – Adult 3rd Dan Pass
Chris Lyne – Adult 2nd Dan Merit
Johnathan Isherwood – Adult 1st Dan Pass
John Charlton – Adult 1st Dan Promoted
Samantha Anderton – Senior Cadet 2nd Dan Distinction
James Oxley – Senior Cadet 2nd Dan Merit
Matthew Gornall – Senior Cadet 1st Dan Merit
Laura Sanderlands – Senior Cadet 1st Dan Pass
Daniel Brown – Senior Cadet 1st Dan Pass
Sam Deakin – Senior Cadet 1st Dan Merit
Chris Cunliffe – Senior Cadet 2nd Dan Merit
Megan Kirkham – Junior Cadet 1st Dan Merit
Sophie Corless – Junior Cadet 1st Dan Pass
Connor Beck – Junior Cadet 1st Dan Pass

NWKA Club Kata Tournament 2010

Beginners Kata
1st Thomas Osmovianenko 2nd Aramanda Brizinski 3rd Niamh Moss

Yellow Belts 5-7yrs
1st Adam Will 2nd Matt Yates 3rd Taylor Greenough

Yellow Belts 8-9yrs
1st Ellis Burke 2nd Shauna Gorst 3rd Sam Young

Orange Belts 5-7yrs
1st Alex Humphreys 2nd Jack Oxley 3rd Christian Banque

Orange Belts 8-9yrs
1st Scott Bull 2nd Lauren McGrath 3rd Thomas Lawrence

Green/Blue Belts 7-8yrs
1st Joshua Broomhead 2nd Adam Belis 3rd Dillan Ridyard

Green/Blue Belts 9-11yrs
1st Callum Churchill 2nd Chloe Wild 3rd Anas Elfar

Purple Belts 7-10yrs
1st Isabel Ashworth 2nd Rachel Travelli 3rd Rachel Traverse

Brown Belts under 10yrs and Purple 10-12yrs
1st Louis Brown 2nd Mark Carey 3rd James McCloskey

Brown Belts 9-10yrs
1st Beth Scott 2nd Emily Retford 3rd Charlotte Middleham

Black and Brown Belts 11-12yrs
1st Matthew Gornall 2nd Matthew Ayres 3rd Daniel Prior

Black and Brown Belts 11-12yrs
1st Rebecca Duff 2nd Stephanie Bateman 3rd Sophie Corless

Black and Brown Belts 13-15yrs
1st Samantha Anderton 2nd John Charlton 3rd James Oxley

Many Thanks to all the referees and table officials:

Bryn Charlton, May Bateman, Gus Johnston, Mike Anderson, Dan Skinner, Luke Scott, Andy Osborne, Daniel McGuire, Jill Charlton, Roger Aryes, Paul Dixon, Donna Longstaff, Zach Scott, Alex Hodge, Nicole Halsall, Christopher Lyne, Natalie Charlton

United Styles Association Open Championships 2010


Gold – Daniel Prior, Sam Deakin, Mathew Ayres – Mixed Team Kata All Ages
Gold – Mathew Ayres – Mixed Kata Under 12yrs
Silver – Sam Deakin – Mixed Kata Under 12yrs
Bronze – Daniel Prior – Mixed Kata Under 12yrs

 English National Karate Championships 2010

The championships was held at Ponds Forge Leisure Centre Sheffield by The English Karate Federation (the official recognised governing body)

The North West Karate Academy took a squad of 11 for this two day event

Day one Saturday 25th April: The day started great with a Silver and bronze in team Kata 10-13yrs. Competitors Matthew Ayres, Daniel Prior, Sam Deakin took the silver with Matthew Gornall, Rebecca Duff, Sophie Corless taking Bronze.

Individual success was achieved by Natalie Charlton taking Bronze in the 16-17yrs Kata.

Day two Sunday 26th April: Again the day started in real overdrive with Natalie Charlton continuing her top form with the ultimate result. She claimed gold in the 16-17yrs Kumite (fighting). Natalie’s day was far from over, entering the seniors Kumite resulting in a very prestigious Bronze.

Next up was Zach Scott and Gus Johnston representing the 16-17yrs heavy weights producing a double Bronze to add to the medal growing tally. They too were not content to let it end there producing an excellent Silver result in the 16-17yrs team Kumite even though they were a fighter short on the 3 man line up.

Last to enter the arena was Alex Hodge in the Senior Kumite, he had to fight hard from start to finish resulting in a close final, it wasn’t to be a Golden day this time for Alex but a Silver to be proud of.

Finally a worthy mention to Samantha Anderton who fought her heart out but was eventually pipped at the last second of her bout by a single punch and so missing out of a Bronze in the Kumite.

Coach Steve Scott said the squad continue to inspire each other. Their support at the competition and in training is a vital component to success and of course lots of hard work

Mushindo Wado Kai Open Kata Championships 2010

Rebecca Duff, Sophie Corless – Silver – Junior Pairs Kata
Rebecca Duff, Sophie Corless, Matthew Gornall – Silver – Junior Team Kata
Rebecca Duff  – Gold – Girls Kata under 13yrs
Sophie Corless – Silver – Girls Kata under 13yrs
Matthew Gornall – Bronze x2 – Boys Kata under 13yrs

United Styles Association Championships 2010

Matthew Aryes, Daniel Prior, Sam Deakin – Silver – Junior Team Kata
Rachel Travelli – Gold – Girls Kata
Alex Hodge – Gold – Male 18+ -67kgs Kumite
Zach Scott – Bronze – Junior Male 16-17yrs +68kgs Kumite
Natalie Charlton – Gold – Junior Female 16-17yrs -59kgs Kumite

English Regional Championships 2010

Sam Deakin, Mathew Ayres, Daniel Prior – Gold – Male Team Kata Under 14yrs
Samantha Anderton – Silver – Female Cadet Kata 14/15yrs
Samantha Anderton – Silver – Female Cadet Kumite 14/15yrs -50kg
Zach Scott – Silver – Male Junior Kata 16/17yrs
Zach Scott – Silver – Male Junior Kumite 16/17yrs +76kgN
Natalie Charlton – Gold – Female Junior Kata 16/17yrs
Natalie Charlton – Silver – Female Junior Kumite 16/17yrs -55kg
Alex Hodge – Gold – Male Senior Kumite 18yrs+ -67kg