Student of the year award 2008

Student of the year awards were given to Rebecca McLorie (cadet) and Chris Lyne (adult).

Chris over the years has shown tremendous enthusiasm for his karate with regular training. He is a popular member of the club and with that the club wishes to acknowledge their appreciation in presenting him this award.

Becky, another popular member of the club, has also shown the enthusiasm and commitment both in classes and in competition. she is a valued member of the squad and continues to maintain a high standard. she has won many trophies over the years and has the ability to reach the very top.

Dan Gradings 2008



Luke Scott – Adult 3rd Dan
Paul Charlton – Adult 2nd Dan
May Bateman – Adult 1st Dan
Natalie Charlton – Adult 1st Dan
John Charlton – Senior Cadet 2nd Dan
Rebecca Retford – Senior Cadet 1st Dan
Stephanie Bateman – Senior Cadet 1st Dan

NWKA Club Kata Tournament 2007/2008

13-15yrs 3rd Kyu+
1. Natalie Charlton 2. Becky McLorie 3. Zach Scott

Black Belts 11-12yrs
1. Samantha Anderton 2. Danielle Sawer 3. Lydia Coleman

Purple 10-12yrs + Brown 9-10yrs
1. Rebecca Duff 2. Matthew Ayres 3. Matthew Gornall

Purple + 3rd Kyu 8-9yrs
1. Beth Scott 2. Sam Deakin 3. Robert Marsh

Green + Blue 6-9yrs
1. Louis Brown 2. Riordan Taylor 3. Connal Moss

Orange + Green under 9yrs
1. Curtis Bradley 2. Charlie Morris 3. Helens Osguthorpe

Yellow/Orange/Green 9yrs+
1. Louise Fairclough 2. Reece Jolley 3. Georgina Morris

7-9yrs Yellow (tab)
1. Ben Holden 2. Cameron Higgins 3. Hannah Ward

7yrs white + 6yrs Yellow (with tab)
1. Isabelle Ashworth 2. Caitlyn Halsall 3. Anas Alfar

5/6yrs white + Yellow (no tab)
1. Thomas Swindell 2. Rachel Bennet 3. Daniel Swindell

Patrick McCarthy Course 2008

A great open course was enjoyed by students with Patrick McCarthy, the foremost western historian of Karate Do/Jutsu.

Terry Wingrove Course 2008


Another successful course raising £150 for Richard House Children’s Hospice. teachings were centered around the pressure point moves of Karate Jutsu.

South Yorkshire Open Karate Championships 2008

Zach Scott – Gold Kumite 14-15yrs
Zach Scott – Gold Kata 14-15yrs
Matthew Gornall – Gold Kata 10-12yrs
Beth Scott – Gold Kata 9yrs and under
Alex Hodge – Silver Senior Kumite
Matthew Ayres – Silver Kata 9yrs and under
James Oxley – Bronze 10-11yrs Kata
Stephanie Bateman – Bronze 10-11yrs Kata

Northern Open Classic Championships 2008

Lydia Coleman, Danielle Sawer, Samantha Anderton – Silver Junior Team Kata
Mathew Gornall – Silver – Boys Kata 10-13yrs
Sophie Corless – Bronze – Girls Kata 10-13yrs
Samantha Anderton – Silver – Girls Kumite 10-13yrs
Samantha Anderton – Bronze – Girls Kata 10-13yrs
Paul Charlton – Silver – Male Kata
Natalie Charlton – Gold – Girls Kata 14-16yrs
Natalie Charlton – Silver – Girls Kumite 14-16yrs
Becky Mclorie – Bronze – Girls Kata 14-16yrs
Mathew Aryes – Bronze – Boys Kumite 6-9yrs
Danielle Sawer – Bronze – Girls Kumite 10-13yrs

British Karate National Championships 2008


The official British Karate Championships event was held at Ponds Forge Sheffield over 2 days. Each day lasted 15 hours, not for the faint hearted. Itself an endurance for coach, competitors and parents. Most students also moved up age groups which proved to be an additional challenge.

 Firstly Team Kata: 2 silvers in senior male and female team which is a new age group of 14yrs and above. Well done to Zach Scott and Becky Mclorie both 14 yrs old taking part in senior team kata. They joined more experienced senior performers of Luke Scott, Alex Hodge, Nicole Halsall, and Natalie Charlton. Both teams did strong and polished performances.

Next up was girl’s team of Danielle Sawer, Samantha Anderton, Lydia Coleman and boys team of Ben Osborne, John Charlton, and James Oxley in the under 15s teams. Both took bronze in their respective categories. They are all only 12yrs old and show great promise for the future. Their success was also joined by Mathew Aryes in the pee wee 9 yrs and under taking bronze in the individual as a follower to his silver in the English earlier this year.

The girl’s team then turned their attention to Kumite (fighting) in the 10-13yrs Team joined with 11 yr old Stephanie Bateman took bronze with a fiery performance. In the 16-17yrs teams Nicole Halsall and Natalie Charlton went ahead despite only a 2 person team in a 3 person category to take bronze.

Gus Johnston showed a gutsy performance in his 14-15yrs old Kumite category to take bronze. Natalie Charlton got one better taking it to the wire with an extended final bout going to sudden death to take a well deserved silver.

Ken Yu Kai Open Championships 2008

Gold Senior Team Kata – Luke Scott, Alex Hodge, Paul Charlton
Gold Junior Team Kata – Zach Scott, Becky Mclorie, Natalie Charlton
Gold Junior Pairs Kata – Becky Mclorie, Natalie Charlton
Bronze Junior Team Kata – Sophie Corless, Rebecca Duff, Stephanie Bateman
Silver Junior Girls Team Kumite – Danielle Sawer, Samantha Anderton, Lydia Coleman
Bronze Junior Boys Team Kumite – Zach Scott, Gus Johnston, John Charlton
Silver Junior Team Kata – Lydia Coleman, Samantha Anderton, Danielle Sawer
Silver Senior Pairs Kata – Nicole Halsall, Paul Charlton
Natalie Charlton – Gold Girls Kumite 15-17yrs under 55kg
Natalie Charlton – Gold Girls Kata 11-15yrs
Nicole Halsall – Gold Girls Kumite 15-17yrs under 60kg
Samantha Anderton – Gold Girls Kumite 11-14yrs under 40kg
Alex Hodge – Silver Senior Male Kumite under 75kg
Alex Hodge – Silver Senior Male KataM
Matthew Gornall – Silver Boys Kumite 8-10yrs under 4ft-3
Danielle Sawer – Silver Girls Kumite 11-14yrs under 40kg
Luke Scott – Bronze Senior Male Kata
Sophie Corless – Bronze Under 10yrs Kata 4th kyu and below
Lydia Coleman – Bronze Girls Kumite 11-14yrs under 40kg
Paul Charlton – Bronze Boys Kumite 15-17yrs under 65kg
Becky Mclorie – Bronze Girls 11-14yrs under 50kg

English Karate National Championships 2008

Results of English Karate Federation National Championships held at Ponds Forge Sheffield 5th & 6th April 08

Luke Scott, Alex Hodge, Paul Charlton – Gold – Senior Male Team Kata
Danielle Sawer, Samantha Anderton, Lydia Coleman – Bronze – Girls 11-15yrs Team Kata
Beth Scott, Stephanie Bateman, Rebecca Duff Bronze – Girls 11-15yrs Team Kata
Ben Osborne, James Oxley, John Charlton – Bronze – Boys 11-15yrs Team Kata
Samantha Anderton, Danielle Sawer, Lydia Coleman – Bronze – Girls 10-15yrs Team Kumite
Lydia Coleman – Gold – Girls 10-11yrs Kumite –35kg
Lydia Coleman – Bronze – Girls 10-11yrs Kata
Matthew Ayres – Silver – Boys under 10yrs Kata
Luke Scott – Bronze – Male 18-20yrs Kumite –75kg
Nicole Halsall – Bronze – Female 16-17yrs Kumite +57kg
Samantha Anderton – Bronze – Girls 12-13yrs Kumite –45kg
Natalie Charlton – Bronze – Girls 14-15yrs Kata
Beth Scott – Bronze – Girls 8-9yrs Kata

AMA International Karate Open 2008

Samantha Anderton 10-12yrs under 35kg Kumite Gold
Rebecca Duff 3rd kyu above 10-12yrs Kata Silver
Sophie Corless 4th-8th kyu 10-12yrs Kata Silver
Lydia Coleman 10-12yrs under 35kg Kumite Silver
Natalie Charlton 13-15yrs under 50kg Kumite Silver
Alex Hodge senior under 70kg Silver
Zach Scott 13-15yrs dan grade Kata Bronze
Stephanie Bateman 10-13yrs 3rd kyu and above Kata Bronze
James Oxley 10-12yrs dan grade Kata Bronze
Samantha Anderton 10-12yrs dan grade Kata Bronze
Danielle Sawer 10-12yrs dan grade Kata Bronze
Natalie Charlton 13-15yrs dan grade Kata Bronze
Sophie Corless, Rebecca Duff, Stephanie Bateman, team Kata 10-15yrs Bronze
Lydia Coleman, Samantha Anderton, Danielle Sawer team Kata 10-15yrs Bronze
Danielle Sawer, Lydia Coleman, Samantha Anderton, Elle Bowden 10-15yrs under 45kg Kumite Bronze
John Charlton, James Oxley, Ben Osborne 10-15yrs under 50kg Kumite Bronze
Luke Scott senior male under 75kg Kumite Bronze

Karate Do International Tournament 2008

Barking Abbey, Essex, London

Alex Hodge, Luke Scott, Zach Scott – Silver Male Team Kumite
Zach Scott – Bronze Kumite Under 15s
Zach Scott – Bronze Kumite Under 17s
Beth Scott – Bronze Kumite Under 11s
Beth Scott – Bronze Kata Brown Belts
Sophie Corless – Bronze Kumite Under 13s
Sophie Corless – Bronze Kata Purple Belts

English Karate Northern Regional Open 2008

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield

Paul Charlton – Silver Junior Male Kumite -68kg
Natalie Charlton – Bronze Junior Female Kata
Natalie Charlton – Bronze Junior Female Kumite Kumite -53kg
John Charlton -Bronze Cadet Male Kumite -50kg
Johnathan Isherwood – Bronze Junior Male Kumite +76kg

European Junior And Cadet Championships 2008


Two students from the club have been selected to represent England at the European Championship in Italy in February

Alex Hodge – Junior (18-20yrs) -70kg Kumite
Luke Scott – Junior (18-20yrs) Team Kumite
Both students have generously been sponsored by