Black Belt Gradings 2017

Congratulations to all who took part. The grading panel were in agreement that they were high scoring, gutsy and well earned performances by all candidates.

Grace Keeley and Holly Lawson – Children’s Black Belt Stage 1 (Kata, Kumite, Padwork)
Dan Grading 2017 3

Sean Johnson and Keiran Shaw – Children’s Black Belt Stage 2 (Kata, Kumite, Padwork, Takedowns, Clinch)
Dan Grading 2017 2

Taylor Greenough – Children’s Black Belt Stage 4 (Kata, Kumite, Padwork, Takedowns, Clinch, Groundwork and Street Defence)

NWKA Club Kumite Competition 2017

Kumite Comp 2017 Area

A Special event at the New Church Parish Hall Karate Club (est 1984).

Congratulations to all who took part. The fighting competition was a great success with 65 entries and over 110 Spectators.

As a coach, I kept looking at the fights and thinking back to when all the students first started and how they have all grown in confidence and skill.
Kumite Comp 2017 Spec

It was also the 30th anniversary of the first competition I ever organised and that too was at the Newchurch Parish Hall.
A big thank you to all the referees and helpers who did a great job.

I’m already looking forward to next year.

Sensei Steve Scott 7th Dan

Kumite Comp 2017 31st Place Carter Corrigan
Leo Usta
Lucas Bradshaw
Alex Gregory
Callum Grady
Kumite Comp 2017 41st Place Heather Woods
Lilly Edmond
Macie Browne
Kumite Comp 2017 21st Place Luke Robertson
Victor Wlodarz
Joshua Holt
Kumite Comp 2017 161st Place Olivia Tomaszewski
Weronika Wuwer
Larrisa Martin
Kumite Comp 2017 151st Place Keaton Lincoln
Archie Newby
Callum Fairbrother Sturdy
Lewis Stanley
Kumite Comp 2017 141st Place Yusef Erez
Aidan Dodd
Phoenix Oliver
Alfie MacDonald
Aakash Muraleetharan
Kumite Comp 2017 131st Place Jasmine Rowlands
Niamh Massey
Ruby Cross
Daksha Navaneethiswaran
Kumite Comp 2017 121st Place Sean Johnson
Aaron Hammond
William Jones
Lewis Johns
Kumite Comp 2017 11st Place David Benko
Neil Chitalkar
Micheal Evans
Rohith Robin
Kumite Comp 2017 111st Place Kieran Shaw
Callum Ross
James Barber
Harley-Ray Hall
Kumite Comp 2017 101st Place Samuel Edmond
Haresh Navaneethiswaran
Theo Michaelas
Finley Bailey
Joe Tinsley
Kumite Comp 2017 91st Place Eve Johnson
Isabella Shaw
Ella Driver
Kumite Comp 2017 81st Place Kerem Erez
Alexander Bowen
Koray Koc
Felix Alldred
Kumite Comp 2017 71st Place James Tooley
George Pemberton
Luca Shallcross
Kumite Comp 2017 61st Place Ryan Robin
Coby Massey
Declan Beardsworth
Oliver Massey
Rhys Dunbebin
Kumite Comp 2017 51st Place Heleina Ballesteros
Gabriella Taylor
Fransiska Woodyer
Amy Woods

British Karate 4 Nations Championships 2017

Bradd Parfitt – Bronze Male Junior U18 Kata

NWKA Club Kata Competition 2017

The academy hosted yet another successfully ran Kata Competition.

Thank you to the adult senior grade club members who judged and other adult members and parents who came down to help with the
organisation and setting up of the tournament.

Well done to all the children for getting up and performing two Katas each to the best of their ability in front of hundreds of people. Not only did the children do well on the day, they also showed their commitment in the classes leading up to the tournament. Friends and family gave their full
support by watching and applauding their efforts which is also greatly appreciated.

Well done to all who performed in the display after the competition was over. The display included a demonstration of techniques and disciplines
that comprise our syllabus. Kata performed by Sensei Luke Scott and Sam Kletz, Groundwork performed by Danelle Sawer assisted by
Matthew Ayres, Takedowns performed by Taylor Greenhough assisted by Sam Heggarty and sport kumite performed by Sensei Zach
Scott and Sensei Alex Hodge.

Congratulations to this years student of the year Lesley Roberts.

Spectating fees plus a kind donation from a friend’s charity games night brought the total raised for Clair House and Francis House to £575

Club Comp 2017

Club Comp 2017
White Belts
1st Olivia-Mae Waugh
2nd Grace Dixon
3rd Sophie Moore

Red Belts under 9 yrs
1st Oliver Massey
2nd Thomas O’Brien
3rd Niamh Massey

Red- Yellow Belts 9-13yrs
1st India Smith
2nd Ashton Roberts
3rd Paige Raftry

Yellow Belts Boys 6-8 yrs
1st Jack Regan
2nd Alex Bowen
3rd Korac Koc

Yellow – Orange Belts Girls 5-8yrs
1st Faye Mellor
2nd Mia Rose Claber
3rd Bridget Harrison

Orange-Green Belts Boys 6-9yrs
1st Samuel Edmond
2nd Theo Michaelas
3rd Sean Blair

Orange-Green Belts Girls 9-13yrs
1st Molly Pemberton
2nd Francesca Woodyear
3rd Macie Brown

Green- Blue Belts Girls 6-9yrs
1st Charlott Williams
2nd Gabriella Taylor
3rd Laurie Ashton

Green- Blue Belts Boys 9-13yrs
1st Matthew Lester
2nd Daniel Harding
3rd Aakash Nuralleetharan

Purple Belts 7-11yrs
1st Lucia Amaral
2nd Olivia Tomaszeski
3rd Veronica Wuwer

Brown Belts Boys 9-12yrs
1st Liam Potter
2nd Harry Tooley
3rd William Jones

Brown Belts Girls 10-12yrs
1st Grace Keeley
2nd Holly Lawson
3rd Isabella Shaw

Black Belts 11-14yrs
1st Taylor Greenough
2nd Sean Johnson
3rd Kieron Shaw

Culcheth Community Day 2017

English National Championships 2017

English Karate Championships 2017Sam Kletz – ParaKata (Physical Disability) – Gold

UK International Karate Open Championships 2017

Uk International George Malone – 8-9yrs Boys Kata – Silver

Yorkshire Open 2017

Yorkshire Open Nicole Beauvale – Girls 14-15yrs Kata – Bronze
George Malone – Boys 8-9yrs Kata – Silver