NWKA Children’s Club Kumite Competition 2015

NWKA Club Kumite Competition 2015
CHAMPIONS Front Row (left to right) Sean Johnson, Holly Lawson, Liam Potter, Callum Ross, Abbie Sharkey, Finlay Grant, Taylor Greenhough, Dylan Halton, Joshua Broomhead

Second Row (left to right) Larissa Martin, Isabella Shaw, Harley Ray Hall, Jack McIntyre, Luca Shallcross, James Barber, Adrean Sangalang, Daniel Harrison, Rhys Daly

Third Row (left to right) Ryan Entwistle, Patrick Dastey, Sam Hegarty, Niall Ashcroft, William Jones, Neil Chitalker, Rohith Robin, Nerojan Kiritharan, Elliot Harris, Harry Wood, Gabriel Bullock, Kaitlyn Halsall

Very big congratulations to all those who competed. It was clear building up to the competition that everyone had improved in their attitude and technique.
All students should be very proud of their performanc. Some of you might have been nervous about doing the tournament but you did it regardless.
Well done guys
Steve, Luke, Zach, Alex, Carl

BKA Open Championships 2015


A handful of students took part in the BKA open and brought back some silverware.
Sean johnson and Harry Tooley both took bronze in their kata 6-9yrs 3rd kyu and above. This was also Harry’s first ever medal.
Rhys Daly went out first round of his kata but impressed in his kumite category. He was one win any from getting himself a bronze medal with a placing of joint 5th.
George Malone put in a good effort in his kata and got to the second round. He was probably the youngest in his category as well.
Kaitlyn Halsall claimed bronze in her first ever competition in the 13-15 3rd kyu and above Kata.
It was also Harley Ray Hall’s first competition who put on an excellent performance. His kata was technically better than his opponents, but made a stumble which cost him the first round.
Matthew Ayres also competed in the senior male kata. His katas have matured greatly since being a cadet but he didn’t quite get through the first round.
Lastly the day finished with instructor Zach Scott taking gold in the kumite winning his fights 5-2, 8-0 and 5-1

North of England Championships 2015

North of England 2015

Rhys Daly competed at the North of England Karate Championships. First up was the 8-9 boys 3rd kyu and above kata. Rhys performed a solid Pinan Godan in the first round, but was unfortunately pitted against a very strong opponent, and was knocked out with 3 straight flags.
Next up in Kumite Rhys was determined to make amends, He won the first bout 2-0, scoring a crunching round kick to the back before seeing the bout out with good defensive composure.
In the semis Rhys fought a tougher oppenent. The bout was closely fought and Rhys took an early lead, catching the opponents round kick before knocking him to the ground with strong a punch. However with 15 seconds to go Rhys got caught with his guard down and received a bronze medal for his well deserved efforts.

Northern Open Classic 2015

Northern Open Classic 2015

NWKA got a good haul at a home competition with it taking place at Birchwood Tennis Complex. This was George Malones first interclub competition and is only 6 years old which made him one of the youngest competitors of the tournament. He couldn’t quite get a medal but he was very brave to take part in 9 years and under 4th kyu and below kata and kumite. He was joined by 9 year old Rhys Daly who took part in the same sections but didn’t place either. However, he put on an improved performance.
Sean Johnson and Harry Tooley both took part in the 10-12 years 3rd kyu and above kata with their first competition but didn’t come away with anything this time.
Northen Open Classic 2 2015
Taylor Greenough participated in the 10-12 years 3rd kyu and above Kata but got bronze in her Kumite. She only just got beat by decision in the semi finals by the girl who got gold which was also an amazing fight.
Luke Scott put on a great performance gaining bronze in the senior male kumite 3rd kyu and above. He was joined by Alex hodge and Zach Scott who took part in the category who couldn’t quite gain a medal.
They all competed in the team kumite where they got themselves a silver.

Central England Championships 2015

Central England 2015

The day Started with 9 year old Rhys Daly. He participated in kata and just missed out on a bronze medal in the kumite losing by way of decision. Alex hodge gave it his all in his Kumite section but couldn’t produce silverware. Finally Zach Scott got all the way to the semi finals but just got pipped to gain a bronze with a good performance.

United Styles Association Championships 2015

USA open 2015

Zach Scott went down to Dudley to compete in the United Styles Association Championships. He Claimed a Silver in the senior male -84kg. He also went up against a long time world games champion in the open weight and only just got beat. Nevertheless, gaining a bronze.

NWKA Annual Club Kata Tournament 2015

Club Comp 2015 Group Picture

Red Stripe/Red Belts 5-6 Years
1st Abbie Lohrenz
2nd Sam Edmond
3rd Phoebe Mclindley

Red Stripe/Red belts 7-8 Years
1st Sophie Kloc
2nd Veronica Widdarz
3rd Robert Bleakley

Red Stripe/Red belts 9-10 Years
1st Charlotte McLinden
2nd Tia Daintith
3rd Max Shannon

Yellow belts 5-6 Years
1st Tom Keeley
2nd Oliver Williams
3rd Leo Pollard

Yellow and Orange Belts 6-7 Years
1st Kennedy Greenough
2nd Thomas Bennet
3rd Luca Shawcross

Yellow and Orange Belts 8-9 Years
1st William Bennet
2nd Dylan Greenfield
3rd Aaron Hammond

Yellow and Orange Belts 10+ Years
1st Zack Tickle
2nd Chelsea Shaw
3rd Harrison Carr

Green and Blue Belts 6-8 Years
1st George Malone
2nd James Barber
3rd Ryley Foster

Green and Blue Belts 10-14 Years
1st Neil Chitalker
2nd Mark Worthington
3rd Abbie Sharkey

Purple Belts 7-8 Years
1st Rhys Daly
2nd Harley Ray Hall
3rd Ethan Taylor

Purple Belts 9-11 Years
1st Liam Potter
2nd Nero Kiritharan
3rd Holly Bennison

Brown Belt Boys 9-10 Years
1st Niall Ashcroft
2nd Kearen Shaw
3rd Sean Johnson

Brown Belt Girls 9-11 years
1st Grace Keeley
2nd Holly Lawton
3rd Ruby Lamb

Brown and Black Belts Boys and Girls 11-13 years
1st Dylan Halton
2nd Patrick Dastey
3rd Fraya McGloughlin

Brown and Black Belts Boys and Girls 12-14 years
1st Taylor Greenough
2nd Kaitlyn Halsall
3rd Gabrial Bullock

Dan Gradings 2015

Dan gradings 2015

Congratulations to our new Dan grades

Carl Massey 5th Dan
Alex Hodge 4th Dan
Andrew Osborne 4th Dan
Chris Lyne 3rd Dan
Daniel Mcguire 2nd Dan
Paul Kirby 2nd Dan
Michael Appleton 1st Dan

The 6 hour grading consisted of Fitness, Kata, Padwork on the Kick Sheild and Focus Pads, Sport Karate Kumite, Clinch work, Throws, Grappling on the Ground, Submissions and Restraining a Live opponent.

English National Championships 2015

Well done to Sam Kletz on another 2nd place in the disability Kata section, making him a 3 times silver medalist at national level.
Other squad performances included Taylor Greenough winning her first round of Kata and was faced with much bigger opponents in her Kumite Category.
Zach Scott had to face a European Champion and managed a 5th place in the Senior -84kg, Luke Scott also came 5th in the senior Kumite -75kg and looking back on video evidence afterwards, he was close to the Bronze. Luke also lost his Kata in the first round to a European champion but performed his way through repechage finishing 7th, Alex Hodge had a difficult side to his draw which would match him up with lots of international medalist and ended up with a first round defeat.
The Academy would like to congratulate our Association club from Southern England, Tony Grays SKDF on a Cadet Kumite Bronze by James Eade and Senior Kumite Bronze by Lee Rose

UK Open Championships 2015

Zach Scott attended the UK open in Dudley entering three categories; senior -84kg, open weight and the champions cup. The latter was a prize money event. He earned a bronze in -84kg which was ended by a very close match. The open weight was the pinnacle of his performance as he gained a gold after a close final. The champions cup ended in the first round with a close but controversial bout.

English Kyu Grade Championships 2015

Eng Kyu Grade 2015
Congratulations to Samuel Kletz at the National Kyu Grade Championships, winning another Silver medal placing at his Second competition. Sam competed in the Disability Kata event and narrowly missed out on the Gold, Keep plugging away Sam!

Other competitors included Reece Daly in his first competition and Sean Johnson, both in the 9 years and under kata, Rhys also made it through to the second round of the Kata and also showed a brave performance in his first Kumite match.

Well done to the small squad, it was a great day and lots of potential was shown. The competition was held on Sunday 25th January at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield