Zach Scott 5th Dan

Sensei Zach Scott achieved his 5th Dan on December 2nd 2023. Zach, who has been training in karate for 23 years, had to demonstrate all his skills and perform each of the disciplines within the syllabus.

One of the unique aspects of the grading was its interactive nature. Spectators were actively engaged by choosing techniques for each section from a comprehensive list. Zach’s had to adapt on the spot and perform various techniques, chosen without prior notice.

The examination included a wide range of elements, including a possible choice of 23 katas, 92 takedowns, 230 striking techniques. Live demonstrations included free flow on the pads, tegumi (grappling) with an unskilled striking opponent from a disadvantaged positions whilst trying to get back to his feet, grappling for submission, sport kumite (involving fighting for points with specific techniques) and kumite jutsu (involving controlling the fight with striking, clinching, takedowns and submissions).

Sensei Luke Scott (5th Dan) helped him prepare for the grading and partnered him on the day. Sensei Carl Massey (6th Dan) and Sensei Steve Scott (8th Dan) were there to officiate, as well as Sensei Tony Gray (7th Dan) via video.

Club Kumite Competition 2023

Category 1

Connor Jones-Speakman – 1st Place, Arthur Battersby-Dean, Charlie Thomas Carlton, Oscar Woodyer, Jack Taylor, Samuel Forrester

Category 2

Minahil Umair – 1st Place, Sophie He, Jessica Brownbill

Category 3

Ewan Boyd – 1st Place, George Bradbury, Jaygo Woods, Luke Carrier, Muhammad Shayaan Umair, Arusnan Thayabaran

Category 4

Oliver Jothi Nayagam – 1st Place, Nathan Smith, Thomas Devlin, Thushan Jegatheswaran, Ralph Hulme, Frazer Lewis

Category 5

Cindrella Vivek Nayagam – 1st Place, Paulina Szura, Sophie Bastable, Mia Brownbill

Category 6

Matthew He – 1st Place, Harry Duffy, Harrison Lees, James Hogan, Daniel Bird

Category 7

Abbie Lohrenz – 1st Place, Zoya Syed, Mishaal Umair, Faye Mellor

Category 8

Alex Gregory – 1st Place, Michael Wadeson, Zachary May, Neirin Pietrzak, Joseph Bird

Category 9

Lewis Johns – 1st Place, Benjamin Lucas-Artingstall, Alfie Jack MacDonald, Aariz Syed, Theo Pearson

Tony Gray Course and 7th Dan 2022

In November 2022 we had a guest instructor Sensei Tony Gray teach a seminar. Tony is the co-founder of KDF (Karate do Federation) along with Sensei Steve Scott and Sensei Carl Lindley.

The course had a good attendance and all participants gave positive feedback.

At the end of the course both Tony and Carl were awarded their well deserved 7th Dan’s for their contribution to the teaching and development of the Karate Do Federation over many years.

Dan Gradings 2022

We are pleased to announce with congratulations firstly to Carl Massey who has now been awarded his 6th Dan for his dedicated contribution to teaching. Carl has been involved with the Academy for 30 vears. He started teaching with the club helping from the age of 13 yrs old in the children’s classes. He now continues his teaching at his own clubs which come under the academy. A well deserved promotion.

A congratulations to Chad Northcott who has achieved his 1st Dan by examination. Awarded by the Academy’s examination panel. Chad trained extremely hard with great determination to achieve his lifelong ambition and expresses great determination to continue in the discipline.

Congratulations to Ayaan Syed and Thomas Woods on receiving their 1st Dan (adult grading). Both worked together with a committed attitude and determined character to produce a performance worth of their promoted grade. We wish them all the best at their studies at university.

Children's Black Belts 2022

Congratulations to Joe, Alex and Amy on achieving their Children’s Black Belt and 5th Kyu Blue Belts.

Children's Black Belts 2021

Congratulations to Abbie and Lucia on achieving their Children’s Black Belt as well as receiving their Adult 5th Kyu Blue Belt.

8th Dan 2020

Congratulations to Sensei Steve Scott on receiving his 8th Dan on the Zoom Circuit session, 44 years since he started Karate as a young adult and teaching for 36 years.

Sensei gave his thanks to everyone he had taught over the years and those he currently teaches. “The Students are the Inspiration I needed to get where I am today in Karate”

Sensei Tony Gray passes on his congratulations from all of the KDF Karate Do Federation

European Championship Selections 2020

Congratulations to Sam Kletz who has been selected to represent England in Para-Kata at the WKF Senior European Karate Championship in Azerbaijan.

Black Belt Gradings 2020

black belt Gradings 2020

Congratulations to all the Cadet Students in their success in achieving their children’s black belt. They truly gave it their all. 

Congratulations to our Adults that graded. Both candidates absolutely left nothing in the tank, although there was only two of them the grading lasted just short of 2 and a half hours. It was a none stop blast!! 

Black Belt – 2nd Dan 
Michael Anderson 

Black Belt – 1st Dan 
Ian Tooley 

Children’s Black Belt (Equivalent to Adult Blue Belt): 
Adrean Dail Sangalang 
Weronika Wuwer 
Luca Shallcross  
Daniel Harrison 
Victor Wlodarz 

NWKA Online 2020

NWKA is now online! Our Online training platform is ready for all of our members to continue to learn and maintain their progress. All students will have a username and password to log in and start training. It was a rush to get all this material recorded in such a short space of time in wake of the pandemic. Now everybody can continue to learn whenever they want.

The online material will be available to all Culcheth, Newton-le-Willows and Queens Park Club Members.

NWKA Online Live Classes 2020

We are now running live classes via ZOOM. Members must log on to receive their credentials and to see the current class timetable (this is constantly changing depending on current restrictions).

Students will learn and train in a virtual dojo environment where they can watch the instructors demonstrate, train along with the class and most importantly; receive feedback.